Gear Gashing Machines

Internal and external Gash Milling machines are normally associated with performing a roughing operation for subsequent finishing processes such as hobbing, shaping and / or grinding. In order to maintain synergy between machines within the large machine range the Gash Mills share many components with other machine technologies thus making the only difference between their resulting accuracies being that of the cutting tool.
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Specs Details
Part max. diametermmφ1,500
Max. moduleM14
Max. gear widthmm450
Table max. weightkgs5,000
Overall dimensionsmm9,000 x 3,000 x 4,500
Specs Details
Part max. diametermmφ2,600
Max. moduleM35
Max. gear widthmm450
Table max. weightkgs8,000
Overall dimensionsmm9,4000 x 5,000 x 5,300

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