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With more than 81 years of experience, Nidec brings global presence together with monozukuri (the Japanese comprehensive concept of manufacturing to pursue creativeness and quality) to focus on customers’ gear manufacturing requirements.

Starting with what is often the first gear cutting operation, hobbing, the machines produced by Nidec are highly productive, and just as importantly, provide LEGENDARY RELIABILITY for predictable performance over time. Spur and helical gears, pinions, worm wheels, and hard gear skive hobbing are common applications. Available as stock machines or custom ordered and built to customer specifications, hobbers can be equipped with automation for part load and unload, as well as automatic tool change for maximum uptime. Chamfering (including chamfer hobbing) and deburring solutions are offered with multi-station ring loader machines. Parallel with machine tool leadership are Nidec’s major advancements in gear cutting tools. Nidec was the first to offer dry hobbing with the introduction of the Super Dry coating for high speed steel hobs in 1997.

Many applications require the improved gear geometry and surface finish produced by gear shaving not possible with hobbing alone. For finishing gears after hobbing and before heat treat, Nidec produces highly engineered gear shaving machines and gear shaving tools. These machines produce finished gears using underpass shaving, diagonal shaving, plunge shaving and tangential shaving processes.

As a technological leader in gear manufacturing, Nidec produced the first successful CNC gear shaper with a CNC variable guide to allow helical gears to be cut without the need for a dedicated guide for each helix angle. This feature, along with CNC controlled helix crowning and taper, position the ST40A in a class by itself for gear shaping. For mass production, the SE15 and SE25 shapers offer high stroking rates delivering excellent quality with high productivity. Large internal and external gears up to 1,000mm are cut with the shaping process on the SC63 and SC100 shaping machines.

Expertise in high volume internal gear production is a specialty of Nidec, and we offer two gear cutting processes in addition to gear shaping. For mass production of planetary ring gears, the speed of the fully automated MSS300 Super Skiving gear skiving machine delivers the flexibility and productivity required in modern gear departments. Paired with the unique (only from Nidec) three tiered Super Skiving tools, maximum throughput is achieved. For internal helical ring gear production at maximum speed, the Federal Broach division of NMTA is a world leader in internal helical broaching, engineering and manufacturing both advanced electro-mechanical broach machines and high precision broach tools. Full service of all broach tools, as well as gear hob sharpening and shave tool sharpening, along with advanced coating technology, is provided to customers worldwide.

Mission Statement
Through a local presence of service and support, we shall expand our relationship with current customers and open doors to new opportunities.
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